Michigan Karate Tournament

Sign-up for the Tournament has begun.  To sign up for the tournament, all competitors must complete and return a registration form by Feb 26, 2023.  Registration forms received after Feb 26, 2023 are subject to a $5.00 late fee per event.  No registration forms will be accepted after March 5, 2023 and registrations will not be accepted at the door.




Please, cameras with lights or Tri-Pods will NOT be allowed.


Pizza, hot dogs, pop, coffee, Gatorade and bottled water will be available for purchase on site.

Only water in plastic bottles will be allowed in the gymnasium.  All other food or drink must remain in the designated eating area.  Consuming food or drink in the hallways and non-food/beverage rooms is not allowed.


1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medals will be awarded in each competition division (see Competition Events page for definition of divisions).  A spirit medal will be awarded for competitors ages 11 and younger for all events, except team kata and 3 vs 3 Team Flag Sparring.



Fees for registration are as follows:

  • 1 EVENT:   $55                    After February 26:  $60
  • 2 EVENTS: $65                    After February 26:  $75
  • 3 EVENTS: $75                   After February 26:  $90
  • 4 EVENTS: $85                    After February 26:  $105
  • TEAM EVENTS: $45/team    After February 26:  $60

Competitors are expected to arrive at Garden City Middle School beginning at 9:30 on the day of the tournament to sign in.  Check-in will be done in a rolling manner throughout the day.  Competitors are required to be checked in prior to the start of their competition, but are encouraged to arrive early to warm up and prepare.  Suggested check-in times based on age and event are:

Time Age Event
9:45 am 5-11 All Flag Sparring
10:30 am 5-17 Kihon (Basics)
10:45 am 5-17 Team Kata & Kata
11:15 am 5-17 Kumite (Sparring)
11:45 am 18 & older Kihon (Basics)
12:15 pm 18 & older Team Kata & Kata
12:30 pm 18 & older Kumite (Sparring)


The last check-in time is 12:30 pm.  If you arrive after 1:00 pm, go straigt to the administration table.  If a new competition bracket has already been made up due to your tardiness, you will not be able to compete.

Locker rooms for men and women will be available to any competitor who has signed in.

Dress Code

Competitors are expected to adhere to the following dress code:

  • All Competitors must wear a clean white Karate uniform with their Karate belt.
  • All Competitors are allowed only one club patch, five inches in diameter, on the left side of the uniform jacket.
  • Hachimaki (head band), jewelry or metal hair clips of any kind will NOT be permitted. Rubber band or pony tail retainer is permitted.


Competitors are expected to adhere to the following equipment requirements:

Equipment General:

  • All Competitors:  No eyeglasses will be allowed unless they are high impact sport glasses approved by the Tournament Director or Doctor.
  • All Competitors ages 18 & older:  Wrapped bandages (unless for obvious injury) are NOT allowed.

Equipment Kumite:

  • All Competitors:   Head protector (white preferred) is optional (but highly recommended).
  • All Competitors:   Fist pads are mandatory. USANKF or WKF style pads (one pair red and one pair blue) are preferred.  Other colors will be accepted but are not recommended.  One (1) inch thick, fabric-type fist pads, will be allowed.
  • Red and blue belts will be provided for sparring (kumite).
  • All Competitors:   Foot, shin/instep pads are optional.
  • All Competitors:   Mouth guard is mandatory.
  •  Females:   Chest protector is optional (must have your own).
  • Males:   Groin cup is mandatory.

Equipment Flag Sparring:

  • All  Flag Sparring Competitors (ages 5-11):  Only head protector is mandatory.

 For more detail refer to page 2 and page 4 of the Tournament Package.

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